Providing North East Lincolnshire with expert agricultural waste solutions

At Paul Riddel Skips Limited, we are extremely proud of the waste services we offer across Wragby and North East Lincolnshire. Our fully competent team offer farmers free guidance and professional farm waste options. We can tend to all types of agricultural waste appropriately and with environmentally friendly strategies. With plenty of experience, we have been offering farmers with quality maintenance for over 35 years.

Our farm waste disposal services come highly recommended

With expert collecting methods, you can have total assurance when using our agricultural waste services. Over the course of the past three decades, we have worked tirelessly throughout farms of various sizes and have a great reputation in the local area. You can rely on our experienced team to provide an efficient and specialised farm waste solutions.

We specialise in all types of farm waste, including:

• Pesticide containers (triple rinsed)
• Tonne sacks
• Seed sacks/containers
• Fertilizer sacks/containers
• Feed sacks/containers
• Crop cover

• Fleece plant jackets
• Horticultural covers
• Greenhouse film
• Silage wrap/net wrap
• String

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Agricultutal waste in skip

For information on our farm waste services, call us on 01507 526815